Statue honors dead pig pardoned by Piggly Wiggly

MEGGETT, S.C. (WCIV/AP) - Someone has donated a pig statue to a Lowcountry farm to commemorate a once pardoned pig shot to death after it escaped from its pen.

The nonprofit organization that runs the farm in Meggett said that an unknown person placed the concrete pig in a pasture overlooking the other animals.

LEARN wrote on its Facebook page this week, "A dear soul placed this beautiful 'Maggie'monument in the absolute perfect location... one that allows her to view all farm activities and watch over her PFF (pig friend forever) 'Peaches.'"

The statue honors Maggie, a 700-pound pig once pardoned by the Piggly Wiggly grocery chain. The pig was living on the farm when it escaped last month and was shot to death by a man who told investigators he was afraid the pig was going to cause a wreck.

Witnesses told police the man told others he was going to kill the pig and take it to a local butcher.

The man was cited and fined $1,092.

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