Steel Mill workers want their plight heard

      (Dave McQueen/WCIV)

      GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) -- Steel mill workers in Georgetown want their voices heard.{} That's why they grabbed signs and marched outside the mill on Wednesday.

      Union employees have reportedly been working for the past four days without a contract.

      Many said their goal with the march was to let the public know about the tense contract negotiations.

      "This is not a strike," said worker Kenneth Riley.{} "This is an informational picket to let the public know the workers in here are engaged in a struggle with their employers, not for so much higher pay but to protect their benefits."

      Union officials say no strike has been authorized, and company officials say they've not ordered a lockout.

      The negotiations are continuing.

      14-thousand workers at 15 plants across the United States will be impacted.