Still no solution to Georgetown sinkholes

By Eric

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) -- Sinkholes in the city of Georgetown are creating more uncertainty by the day.

On Wednesday, city, county and state leaders discussed the issue with property owners, but they're still short of an explanation.

For almost a week, the damage has been hard to miss. It came in high doses last Thursday when a series of sinkholes opened up, causing critical property damage. Robert Hall and his wife own the Georgetown Animal Clinic. It sits about 100 yards from the worst sinkhole, on US Highway 17, near Fraser Street.

The Halls, like others, have their questions.

"Just the fact that it's so close in proximity to where we are, what's going to happen next," Hall said.

Hall has had his business for eight years. He says every building next to his has reported cracks in the foundation or some kind of damage. Fortunately, Hall said he has not seen any problems at his clinic -- yet.

"We haven't found any damage yet, but as the rains come and time progresses and things like that, we don't know what's going to happen," he said.

He came to Tuesday's meeting to be prepared, should anything happen.

Officials gave other property owners opportunities to file insurance claims with the State Department of Transportation. The SCDOT is still working underground in Georgetown, searching for a solution to the sinkholes.

"(We're) doing everything from ground penetrating radar to having monitoring wells that have been installed," SCDOT spokesman, Kyle Berry said.

Last month the department began a $14 million drainage project. Workers have pumped 60,000 gallons of water out of the ground, per hour, for the past few weeks. After the sinkholes started, that part of the project stopped.

"The drainage project was put on hold this time because we just (are) reviewing the project," Berry{} said. "They're still doing work at this time, doing work along Dozier Street. The de-watering process has been stopped."

Leaders maintain they're still looking for the cause of all this concern.

There is another public meeting at Georgetown City Hall planned for next Tuesday.