Stingrays think pink to fight breast cancer

File Photo (WCIV)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Surrounded by pink. It sounds like a little girl's dream. But the thought of being surrounded by pink later in life, could be a nightmare for many women. Pink, of course, is the color of the ribbon associated with breast cancer.

This Saturday, the North Charleston coliseum will go pink to raise money and awareness for the disease that, according to the Komen foundation, affects one in eight women. The Lowcountry chapter has teamed up with the South Carolina Stingrays for the annual Pink in the Rink night.

"It's a great awareness opportunity," Taffy Tamblyn, the executive director of the Susan G. Komen Lowcountry chapter said.

The Stingrays hockey players will be outfitted in pink jerseys for the game and pass around a pink puck on ice that is dyed pink as well.

"I promise you, if you've never been there and you walk out and see that pink in the rink and you see a lot of survivors walking around and you see these jerseys that have been worn over the years, you have to get emotional," she said. "You have to get a little tear in your eye because that's what it is about."

It's also about raising money. In the past, the game has raised as much as $30,000 that goes back to the Komen foundation. That money, Tamblyn said, could help fund major grants.

"It's so important to help support the Komen Lowcountry with funding so we can contribute to help women and men who need mammograms and breast health services."

And this weekend, a place that's normally associated with being cold as ice, will melt the hearts of survivors in support of breast cancer research.