Stingrays to 'Pack the House' for young snake bite victim

By Tessa

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Eight-year-old Zach Szala is on{}a long road to recovery since being bitten by a rattlesnake last November.

Since then, he's been{}battling back and is finally back at home{}in Goose Creek. His medical bills continue to grow, but the Stingrays are doing something about that this weekend.

Stingrays President, Rob Concannon, said that being hockey players is just one aspect of what they do. The other, "being involved in the community." And that's why January 28th's Pack The House" will also benefit Zach and his family.

All seats are just $5 and hockey fans{}will be able to make donations to help defray some of Zach's medical expenses -- something for which his family is grateful.

Elizabeth Szala, Zach's mother, is in awe of all of the support that everyone has shown her family.{}She's excited about Zach being given the opportunity to finally see what all of his family has seen first-hand over the last two months.

Zach will drop the puck at Saturday's Pack The House at the North Charleston Coliseum and he's excited about the opportunity. Speaking about the Stingrays and their kindness and generosity, Zach said,"THEY ROCK!"

As for his recovery, his mother says that Zach has a "great mentality" and that he "made up his mind that he was gonna do what he had to do(to get better){}and he's been great."

To deal with the emotions surrounding his traumatic experience Zach's family encourages him to write in his journal in order to let his emotions out.

When asked what he thought about all the people who have been rooting for his recovery, he said, "I thank them for praying for me."

The Stingrays face off against the Trenton Titians tonight at 7:05 p.m

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