Stop For John campaign wants traffic study for intersection

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) Walking hand in hand, James Waddell shows his girlfriend the spot where his father's truck landed.

James Waddell's father John Waddell was driving towards Eutawville when he stopped at the intersection of County Line Road and Highway 311 in January{}2012. John Waddell continued through and did not see the 18-wheeler coming at him.

The accident sent John Waddell's truck across the highway.

He died in a hospital 11 days later.{}

"If that 18-wheeler was approaching a stop sign, if he had to slow down, I feel that my dad might have had a chance to make it across the intersection," said James Waddell. {}

James Waddell said he was still grieving for his father when his girlfriend Caitlin Croft approached him about a class advocacy project at Clemson University. With James Waddell's support, the project would be getting a traffic light installed at the intersection, which is only a two-way stop.{}

"Tons of people get hurt here, a couple of people have died here," said Croft. {}

According to the Office of Highway Safety, since 2008{}there have been {}33 non-fatal injury accidents at the intersection. In 2012, two fatal accidents happened, John Waddell's in January{}and another in September.

Michael Green lives near the intersection. He was outside the night Waddell's truck was hit.

"Just slow down some of this, it's ridiculous," said Green.

James Waddell's immediate goal is to get a traffic study completed. He's started the "Stop For John" Facebook page to help gather information.

"We need local residents to come write on our wall and say, 'Hey, I was in a near miss here,' or 'I know somebody that was in a fender bender here,'" James Waddell.

He{}said{}the more{}residents speak out about the dangerous intersection the easier it will be for the Department of Transportation to make a change.