Berkeley residents hope to see power restored soon

ST. STEPHEN, S.C. (WCIV) -- Berkeley County Emergency Preparedness officials say electricity is slowly being restored across the area.

While that might not be consolation for those who haven't had it in several days, downed trees and power lines are still causing problems for folks everywhere.

Tangled trees and loose limbs are littering the yard at Heather Joye's house. Her home in St. Stephen saw the wrath of old man winter. Now, her family is cleaning up.

"It's been kind of difficult 'cause you have to be really careful where you step. And if the electricity is going to go back out," said Joye, looking around her home.

Joye says power was restored to her neighborhood in a day, but the lingering effects from the storm will be felt for a long time.

Her husband spent much of the day on top of their house looking for leaks.

"We have some roof damage. We have one that he said the branch went through the roof and you can see a hole in the kitchen. So, a small hole in the kitchen," said Joye.

In Pineville, storm debris is just as severe. Workers are clearing yards from ice damaged pecan trees. Neighbors say power was restored Monday. {}{}

"Oh we was taking showers in the lake. It's ice cold water, too. But we was taking showers in the lake, putting on Coleman heaters, grills and all that," said Donald Matthews.

As the cleanup continues, there are still those in the area that don't have electricity. For those that want to stay warm they're encouraged to go to the new warming shelter in the county at the Russellville Christian Church on Highway 35.

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