Storm debris clean up starts on I-95 South

ST. GEORGE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Since the second winter storm hit the Lowcountry two weeks ago, drivers on South Carolina's interstates have dodged downed trees along interstates 26 and 95.

Monday was the first sign of road recovery when contractors for the state Department of Transportation began the clean-up process between the towns of St. George and Walterboro.

Isaac Bright spends hours on the road as a truck driver. He says Lowcountry interstates after the ice storm are the worst he's seen.

"You really can't pull over," Bright said. "The way the trees are, I mean, they are there in piles. The limbs just broke off and they are just hanging off."

Nearly two weeks after the second ice storm to hit the Lowcountry, fallen tree branches still lined I-26 and I-95 in both directions.

"This is the worst one I've seen," said Ricky Bullock, who spent Monday chopping down and collecting trees off the side of the road.

"I've never seen limbs down the way they are now," said Bright. "And, they say there's another ice storm coming."

Bullock said he is a contract worker, based out of Alabama, for the South Carolina Department of Transportation. He was one of two crews that began cleaning I-95 south toward Walterboro on Monday.

"Trimming them up, cutting them up and hauling them to the dump," said Bullock when asked about the process of clearing the highway.

Meanwhile, Bright says he hopes the work is done efficiently and in a hurry.

"They gone have to work overtime because there's a lot of debris out there."


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