Storm, flooding triggers road closures in downtown Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston police say streets are being shut down due to flooding. At 12:40 a.m. Saturday, Charleston police provided a comprehensive list of closed roads.{} The Storm Water Department spent the morning clearing debris from the drains located at the closed streets to have them reopened by 10 a.m.
The following roads and intersections have been reopened:
  • Calhoun Street Lane 2 from Ogier to Rutledge (Open)
  • Ogier Street from Calhoun to Vanderhorst (Open)
  • Ashley Ave. from Fishburne to Sumter (Open)
  • Bogard Street from the Crosstown to President (Open)
  • Crosstown Lane 2, 3 {}Southbound (Lane 1 Open)
  • Crosstown Lane 2, 3 Northbound (Open)
  • Spring Street Lane 1 from Crosstown to Courtney (Open)
  • President Street from Crosstown to Line (Open)
  • Hagood Street from Line to Fishburne (Open)
  • S. Market from Meeting to East Bay (Open)
  • N. Market from East Bay to Meeting (Open)
  • Cumberland between Church and S. Market (Open)
  • Morrison Drive from Cooper to Stuart (Open)
  • Ashley Ave. from Calhoun to Doughty (Open)
  • Sheppard{} Street from Perry to Rutledge (Open)
  • Colonial Street from Tradd to Broad (Open)
  • Ashley Ave from Halsey to Bennett (Open)
  • Ashley Ave from Tradd to Broad (Open)
According to Chief Meteorologist Dave Williams, 1.6 inches of rain had already fallen in downtown Charleston by 9:30 p.m. and high tide was still ahead. Now that high tide has passed and the heaviest rains have passed over downtown Charleston, conditions should improve.{} The National Weather Service still has a flash fllod warning in place for parts of Charleston and Berkeley counties until 2:15 a.m. Saturday. SCE&G is reporting several outages in the Lowcountry, including one affecting 200 customers near Bacons Bridge Road. There are other outages on James Island and in Mount Pleasant.{} The utility estimates power will be restored by 2 a.m. Saturday.