Strangers, police rescue woman from burning car

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A woman was trapped inside a burning car, sitting just inches away from flames that shot up to the treetops. Officials said the quick thinking of strangers and police officers saved 28-year-old Shana Porter's life.Police officers beat firefighters to the scene of the accident on Interstate 26 on Monday, and even though they have no protective gear they raced in to save Porter. "They put themselves at risk. They approached as best they could realizing that there was some fence and some dense wooded area separating them from the rest of the vehicle," said Sgt. Scott Hille with the North Charleston Police Department.With small fire extinguishers, they were able to slow the growth of the fire, but not put it out completely. "We don't outfit the officers with emergency equipment for fighting fires. That's more something they would learn from the street," said Fire Chief Greg Bulanow. "A vehicle fire can spread very quickly and when someone is trapped inside the vehicle they have just moments to live before the conditions become untamable."Moments later, firefighters arrived and were able to save Porter.Porter was taken to Medical University Hospital. Officials there have not given an update on her condition, but she was reportedly not burned.