Parent: Students harassed after reporting 'Jackass' incident

By Dean

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- It was Valentine's Day. A day for love and sweetness. But things soured quickly for some students in a Wando High School Latin class.

"She did what we always tell them to do. If you are uncomfortable, if someone does something wrong, notify an adult," the mother of one of the girls in the class said.

Christopher Poston, a full-time Wando teacher was in the Latin class covering for another teacher. The Mt. Pleasant mother said she received a call from her daughter after Poston showed a portion of the movie Jackass 2 on the classroom's smart board.

"In a professional environment this was not an acceptable video. Its vulgar and lewd, and I can't imagine any adult that has seen this video would say it should be shown in a classroom," she said Wednesday.

According to the Charleston County School District, Poston is no longer employed by the school district. A spokesman for the district would not say if Poston was fired.

The student's mother says her daughter is now being targeted as a "snitch."

"People are saying they are snitches and that they are whiny little babies. They're saying they don't have any friends, none of that is true. They are upstanding citizens, honor students, good kids that were uncomfortable. It's okay if something makes you uncomfortable it's okay to say 'something makes me uncomfortable.' It's not right," she said.

The woman says her daughter will be fine and that she is a strong person, but she is concerned the backlash her daughter and others are experiencing will dissuade others from stepping forward next time.

"Look at the outpouring of retribution. They're like 'the kids got the teacher fired.' What if there's a girl or young man and a person of authority. They could do the same thing. They could say 'I'm afraid to tell because look what happened here,'" she said.

ABC News 4 reached out to Christopher Poston, but he declined an interview.

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