Students learn about WWII from a man who lived it

Sgt. Arthur Cobert (Chris Hauff/WCIV)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV)-- Students learn about many different jobs at Career Day, but one speaker at a local elementary school stood out among the rest.A World War II veteran shared his story with the kids at Belle Hall Elementary Tuesday.91-year-old Sgt.. Arthur Cobert flew with the Flying Tigers.{} He vividly remembers one bombing run.

"We picked up 250 holes in our airplane and two in me.{} But we did get home.{} It took us three hours to get home and as soon as we hit the ground both engines quit.{} So we came home on a proverbial wind and a prayer."

Cobert not only had stories to share, but memorabilia.{} He came dressed in his uniform, with his war boots on display, as well as a model of the plane he used to fly.

He was just 21 when he was called to war but it hasn't been until recently that he's decided to really share his story."My sweetheart died a year and a half ago and she always did everything for everybody," Cobert. "So I decided I would do just a little bit of something for whoever."

Cobert lives on the Isle of Palms.{} He was married for 69 years.