Students seek a Purple Heart for Veteran

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) - Fifth graders at Howe Hall AIMS Elementary have written letters to Sen. Tim Scott in request to get a local POW a Purple Heart.

"It made me feel heart broken because he shed blood for his country and he deserves a Purple Heart really bad," one student said.

Reginald Salisbury and his wife Anne visited their classroom recently as part of a World War II history lesson. When the students heard about his 10 months in captivity and how he was hit over the head by a German officer, they wanted to know why he had not received a Purple Heart.

"They didn't keep very good records while I was on the frontline," he said.

Salisbury served as a scout to a code talker in the war. They used obscure language to transmit secret messages and weren't recognized until their missions were declassified in 1968.

Whether Scott can help deliver Salisbury a Purple Heart or not, his story has made a lasting impression on a much younger generation wise beyond their years.