Students write soldiers letters of thanks

Mackenzie Brugh reads a letter she wrote Wednesday. (Lia Sestric/WCIV)

By Lia

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- A few second graders from Berkeley County School District were at the Goose Creek library Wednesday. They weren't there to read books, but to share something they had written.

"Dear soldier. I hope you come home soon. Thank you for defending our country."

Hundreds of "Dear soldier" letters were written over the last month by students in the district. It is the students' way of showing their appreciation to the men and women.

A Goose Creek librarian came up with the letter-writing idea and found a local representative with the national organization A Million Thanks, that collects and mails the letters.

"It's really been great to have all the kids' and the schools' participation in this, and I think they're going to be pleased with so many letters from so many people here," librarian Sharon Eels said.

"I bet you are the bravest soldier there. You're buddy Mackenzie."

For eight-year-old Mackenzie Brugh this is not the first time writing to a soldier overseas. The last time it was her farther.

"When he was in Iraq, my family missed him very much and when he came home it was right before Christmas," she said.

She knows the simple joy letters of appreciation bring to these military men and women.

"When the soldier gets this letter, I want him to be happy."

A Million Thanks is a year-round campaign that collects letters and cards of thanks for U.S. military men and women, past and present.

The local collection office is Charleston Balloon Company.

For more information you can visit

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