Sullivan's Island man captures video of coyotes

Courtesy: Stanford Joel

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- A Sullivan's Island man captured video of two coyotes walking on a path behind his home this weekend.In a phone interview, Stanford Joel said many of his neighbors expressed concern over coyotes they said they'd seen wandering around the neighborhood near Station 26 1/2. "I have a Golden Retriever and she's the sweetest dog," he said. "I'm just concerned about her and I was always hearing a lot of buzz about coyotes.""The other day I actually saw what looked like a coyote running through the lot next to me into the woods," he added. "It was German-Shepard-like looking canine."Joel bought a motion-activated wildlife camera and perched it on top of fence in his back yard. The camera faces a path that leads to the beach.

He said the first night, the camera caught still photos of bucks grazing on the trees behind the fence.Saturday night, the coyotes made an appearance."I got a little surprise when I uploaded the memory card onto my computer and I see the coyotes," Joel said. "And it was very exciting."Joel said he is not sure it's possible to get rid of coyotes because he said when one coyote dies, others come in to take the territory, and that leads to a larger coyote population."I don't think getting rid of them really works," he said.

In August, officials with the Sulivan's Island Police Department sent out a text alert advising residents of the coyote population.

Officers said pets and their food should be kept inside and trash should be properly secured to avoid attracting the coyotes.{}

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