Summerville leaders want public input on town's future

By Bill

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Town officials said the Vision Plan for Summerville is a road map for its future.{}

It encompasses a lot of people and places, including a new entrance to the town.{}

And the mayor wants input from everyone.

"We went from the fourteenth largest city in South Carolina to number seven. So people are moving here overnight," said Mayor Bill Collins.

He knows the latest census numbers don't lie.{} That's why he and town leaders are putting together a path to progress.{}

As one of the state's fastest growing areas, he's asking residents to give their two cents on how Flowertown can grow responsibly.

"Seeing that our infrastructure changes are improvements made to infrastructure. That our business community is healthy and vital. That we have adequate parks and playgrounds," said Collins.

One of the biggest challenges is new development, like Nexton. It's a 4,500-acre community that will add homes, shops, schools and more traffic.

"We're gonna be building a new entrance road into Summerville," added Collins, who's now in his second year as the town's mayor.

He said ideas on how to build upon new roads are what he wants to hear from the public as a wave of building comes to Green Wave country.

"This is significant because this is not only something that we want to pick the low hanging fruit as soon as it's adopted and do some things immediately. But some of those things we'll be doing over a period of time and years," said Collins.

The mayor said the week-long series of informal public meetings will begin Monday.{}

They'll take place in the Cuthbert Center in Azalea Park.{}{}