Summerville man proposes an assault weapon ban for the town

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) - An assault weapons ban referendum is the works in Summerville.

Summerville resident Louis Smith is behind a petition for the ban that was presented to town council on Wednesday.

Smith says despite his efforts to bring a ban he supports the Second Amendment.

"I don't want to take guns away from people. I just believe we need more regulations to take guns out away from the people committing these horrific crimes," he said.

Smith says the referendum would also ban gun shows in town and strengthen background checks for people who want to purchase guns.

Dorchester County's elections office says 15 percent of registered voters -- approximately 4,000 -- are needed to provide their signatures to get the ordinance on the ballot.{}

At ATP Gun Shop & Range in Summerville, people said they didn't want to give up their guns but realize there is need for change.

"I am against assault weapons. I don't see the need for them, for hunting or anything else and the clip that holds large number of ammunition," Judy Englert said.

Smith says the language of the referendum is not clear yet, but should be ready by Feb. 1.

Dorchester County will need the petition by Aug. 15.

Summerville Mayor Bill Collins said he doesn't believe gun laws are a town issue.