Summerville man says dogs were poisoned with antifreeze

By Nikki

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) Matthew Krausmann of Summerville says someone deliberately killed two of his dogs recently, poisoning them with antifreeze.

"Someone has come into my house, into my yard and killed two of my family. How am I supposed to feel?" he said. "That's sick. Those people have no regard to life."

An animal lover from the very beginning, he says he is a father grieving over the loss of his two furry children.

"Ginny lived until Thursday. It's a horrible death. Their kidneys fail, solidify with crystal," said Krausmann.

He says his family's tiny beagle, Caroline, was the first to die a tragic death in the Corey Woods subdivision.

"My son called me very upset. He found the beagle in the bedroom, unresponsive and panting on the floor," he said. "Within one hour, the vet called back and said there's a problem. There were crystals in the urine -- that's a sign of ethylene glycol poisoning. It's antifreeze."

Krausmann says the substance was found in his two bigger dogs the same day, but they luckily survived.

"What we think happened was that someone put whatever it was, the antifreeze, in a food," he said. "It's just so hard for me to understand how anyone could poison an animal."

The cruel act has caused Krausmann to now fear for his family's safety.

"I have a year-and-a-half-year old granddaughter that lives here. Whoever put the poison in the backyard -- what if she had found it first?" said Krausmann.

Krausmann eventually called police and filed a report. He's hoping an arrest is made soon.

"That person is still out there, so could he come back? Could they come back? I don't know," asked Krausmann.

If you have any information on this case, you're asked to call Summerville Police at 843-871-2463.