Summerville council presents 'vision plan' for next 25 years

By Stacy Jacobsonsjacobson@abcnews4.comSUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Summerville Town Council approved a first reading of a new "vision plan" at Wednesday's meeting. Consultants at the Lawrence Group developed the plan that officials hope will morph Summerville from being just a bedroom community in to a comprehensive city in the next 25 years."It's already a fabulous place to be. It's going to be even greater if we manage the development happening all around," Mayor Bill Collins said.Officials said Summerville was one of the fastest-growing cities in South Carolina. "How do we diversify that and make it a community that's a great town, a great place to live, work and spend and shop?" said Monica Holmes, an associate with the Lawrence Group.The plan included adding public transportation, expanding downtown, and more crosswalks and sidewalks for pedestrians, something that one mother would like to see in her neighborhood."I live within a half mile of town park but there are no sidewalks to connect to town park. They're narrow roads so it's dangerous," Cathryn DeLillo said.But some people in Summerville worried that the big plan could ruin their small town."It's too much too fast," resident Peter Gorman said.{}Gorman said he was part of the consultants' focus groups during the last few months. He agreed the town needed change, but maybe not as much as the plan dictated. He worried more housing would worsen an already-bad traffic problem in Summerville."It should be done a project at a time. They're talking about sweeping code revisions to make this suddenly opened up to developers," Gorman said.He said he wanted to work with the mayor and town council, but would rather take it slow, so he can keep his quaint hometown.The Summerville planning commission will hold its first public hearing on the plan Monday at 4 p.m. at the municipal complex annex.You can view a pdf version of the plan here.