DD2 superintendent: We need to prepare for the worst

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Outside Summerville Elementary School, there is a lot of looking left and right and left again before people cross the busy street to get to and from the school.

"Traffic is hectic here on the highway from 7 a.m. to 7:25 a.m. It's blocked up and people are trying to get across the street," said Shenita Peterson, mother of a fifth grader.

Peterson picks up and drops off her daughter every day. Like many parents in Dorchester District 2, Peterson will be using some of the weekend to plan a route to school if bus drivers are striking.

"It's going to be more traffic, more cars, more trucks, if there's going to be no buses," said Peterson. {}

Superintendent Joe Pye is asking all DD2 parents to be prepared for a possible bus driver strike.

"People need to be thinking of alternative ways to get their child to school. Be thinking about job situations that they may have to face with their employers. We want to appeal to the community please be sensitive," said Pye.

Pye is also asking for all employees to come an hour early for work and stay as late as possible to help with the children.

"If we get a strike called over the weekend, these people would be on the job ready to receive children as their parents will drop them off to get to their jobs," said Pye.

Pye says parents should also expect a heavier police presence to help direct traffic. He says some schools, including Beech Hill will need a lot of help.

"Everyone is going to be on alert because some of our schools like Beech Hill. They have 1100 students 400-500 kids riding in cars; their car line starts so early in the morning because parents will be there to be first in line," said Pye. {}

The strike could start as early as Monday.