Surfers on Folly Beach take advantage of Hurricane Sandy

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Sandy is creating a surfer's paradise of big waves but they're fighting a strong current that's carrying them down the beach.

"The current is terrible. So you have to just walk way down the beach and you see people floating back, but it's fun," said Duncan Tyson, a surfer who could not resist the high surf advisory on Folly Beach.

When word came of a late season tropical storm system traveling up the coast, some say it was hard to ignore.

"When I saw the report, it was something to look forward to. I'm thrilled with the outcome of the day," said surfer Jeb Bennett.

With the surf advisory, came a high rip-current risk which most surfers also ignored.

"The thrill of riding a bigger wave compared to what you are used to - it's something that you can never get unless you go to Costa Rica or something. So to be able to do it here is a lot cooler than traveling somewhere," says Tyson.

There were also those who came to storm watch, like Charles Jordan of James Island.

"Some of these waves look 10, 12 feet tall and as big as I've ever seen them," says Jordan.

Jordan says he also came to watch what was happening to the shoreline, knowing Sandy will speed up erosion on the beach.

"It's a tough battle against mother nature, to try to compete with here. This is evidence today that it's an uphill battle," said Jordan.

The high rip-current risk is expected to last through Sunday evening.