Surfers ride out Folly's gnarly waves as Arthur moves up coast

By Stacy

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- Hurricane Arthur stayed far enough off Folly Beach's shores that it appears at this point there will be little damage to the beach, but it is creating some rough waters, which is good for surfers but could be dangerous for less experienced swimmers.

When surf's up, Daniel Reagan is too.

"We wait for this all year so we're really excited," Reagan said.

Most people don't want to hear the word hurricane, but Reagan said he longs for it all year. He called Thursday's surf the best he'd experienced in a long time.

But he knew hurricane waters can also be dangerous.

"If you don't know how to surf then you don't want to paddle out or be out there swimming because there are a lot of rip currents," he said.

Folly Beach public safety officials called rip currents the biggest risk during a hurricane.

"With the rip currents it's important not to panic and remember that normally they don't take you underwater," Sgt. Ken Cross said. "They just pull you away from the shore line because they're pushing backwards from the shore. Just swim parallel."

Folly Beach has extra patrols on the beach through the holiday weekend. Officers recommended swimmers waited to get in the water until Arthur passed.

"It's very dangerous with the strong current today. Inexperienced surfers or swimmers should not be anywhere near the ocean today," said Nancy Hussey with the Eastern Surfing Association.

But for those who love the waves, surf's up until Arthur moves on from the Edge of America and travels up the East Coast.

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