A month for breast cancer awareness; Today's the day in the Lowcountry

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Like a chorus in unison, survivors of breast cancer joined together in song.

"This is the one event that can still bring me to tears because of the tremendous support we see here. Not a day goes by that I don't meet someone who has been some how affected by breast cancer," said breast cancer survivor Ann Ramsdall. {}

Ramsdall says she came to say thank you to everyone who helps women with breast cancer to beat it.

"I'm in gratitude of everyone who supports awareness, who supports treatment, who supports development of new therapies to ensure survival of patients," said Ramsdall.

The race for the cure to support the Susan G. Komen foundation is celebrating 19 years, in Charleston. Many of the runners and walkers come back every year.

"I've had a lot of family members who had breast cancer and I'm a seven year survivor myself. I believe very strongly in Komen and what the foundation is doing," said survivor Jenny Vitt.

Everywhere you look supporters with two legs and four legs wearing pink in their hair, around their necks, and even on their backs.

"My cousin Donna, she actually lost the walk last year. We lost her in March to this fight she had been a 13 year survivor. We're here to honor her and all the other participants and make sure that we work really hard to find a cure," said Melissa Jenkins who walked for two family members diagnosed with breast cancer.