Suspect in Givhans murder killed himself after chase, police say

GIVHANS, S.C. (WCIV) -- The man accused of killing a missing Berkeley County man in April killed himself, say police.

Peter Villa was was suspected in the killing of Drew Shumway early in April. During a police chase in North Charleston on April 24, officers say Villa shot and killed himself when the chase ended.

Since then, investigators have talked to witnesses who said Villa admitted to killing Shumway during a robbery.

Police say cellphone records show Shumway and Villa had communicated several times leading up to Shumway's disappearance on April 6. Records also show Villa was in the area of Berkeley County where police think Shumway was killed.

Further evidence was found in Villa's gun. Forensics teams say the gun Villa used to kill himself was also used to shoot and kill Shumway.

Police said there's no evidence of additional suspects in the crime.

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