Suspected arsonist sentenced to 10 years for Hollywood fire

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The man accused of setting fires in Hollywood and Charleston last year pleaded guilty Thursday to third-degree arson and attempted arson.

According to David Aylor, Kenneth Boone's attorney, Boone was sentenced to 10 years for the arson charge and five years for the attempted arson charge. The terms will be served concurrently.{}

Boone got credit for 411 days served, which includes time he spent in jail and under house arrest.{}

"Mr. Boone is very remorseful for his actions. He has apologized to the victims, authorities and all others that were affected by what occurred. His family is relieved this is over and look forward to moving on with their lives," Aylor said in a statement.

The pleadings were for the Hollywood incidents, not any of those investigators believed he was linked to in the city of Charleston.{}

According to court documents released in November 2013, Kenny Boone recruited another man to help set a fire on Montagu Street in 2010.{}

According to law enforcement, Boone is also to blame for two other fires set in Hollywood in August and September, as well as a fire on Montagu Street in Charleston in December of 2010. "This individual may account for a number of these but as chief said, there are many ongoing investigations to pursue," said Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon.Investigators said Boone may have been motivated to set fires to gain work as a contractor. Police said he later remodeled the home he's accused of burning at 48 Montagu St. In addition to that, there could be more recruits, people Boone tried to convince to help him.Boone has been arrested before. His charges date back to the 1980's for grand larceny, domestic violence, assault and various drug charges.


Since 2003, there have been almost 60 suspicious fires in downtown Charleston and most of them started on porches with couches on them.
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