Suspense author stops in Charleston, encourages parents to take kids to bookstore

By Rachel

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Imagine waking up one morning to find your partner shot dead of an apparent suicide after showing no warning signs and leaving no note behind. This scary scenario is exactly how the scene is set in author Jenny Milchman's debut fiction novel, Cover of Snow.

After the devastating incident, the main character decides to investigate her husband's death further.{} From there, the novel transforms into a thrilling story of twists, mystery, and intrigue, as she discovers her husband's death might not have been a suicide at all.{}{}

Cover of Snow paints a picture of a normal, everyday person whose world is suddenly flipped upside down by a tragic event.

"As a writer, I like that moment when you take just an ordinary person like you or me, and you step over that thin white line and everything's different. And where do we go from there? How well do you know the people around us, and how well do we know ourselves?" Milchman said.

Being overwhelmed with a tragic or stressful event, such as suicide, is a feeling Milchman knows from personal experience.{}{}

During her visit to Lowcountry Live, Milchman revealed her inspiration for the premise of the book. The idea came from a scary experience when she was just 8 years old. Her babysitter revealed to her his plans to commit suicide, trapping her with a secret that no 8-year-old should have to deal with. Fortunately, Milchman told her parents and the babysitter was stopped before he took his own life.{}{}

"I think writers cast a net; We're in South Carolina, it's a good place to talk about nets, and you know everything goes into that net and we don't know what's going to come out of it for a story."{}

Cover of Snow has received national and international attention. It can be found online at or at any major bookstore.{}{}

Milchman has managed to turn her experience as an author into something positive. She is currently on an 18,000 mile tour around the country with her family, promoting literacy in children. The Milchmans have stopped at almost 500 bookstores already, "car-schooling" their kids -- and they want to keep the momentum going.{}{}{}

Milchman has declared Dec. 4 of every year "Take your Child to a Bookstore Day," a holiday that has grown with the help of book lovers, bloggers, and the literary community. Milchman wants her own kids, and all kids, to know the pleasure of spending some time in a bookstore, and be drawn into magical worlds only found in books.{}

Take Your Child To a Bookstore is on it's way to becoming a non-profit, offering grants for kids who can't visit a bookstore on their own. You can learn more about the movement here: {}

Jenny Milchman, along with Tina Whittle and Leah Rhyne will be hosting a free author event and book signing at Blue Bicycle Books on King Street Thursday, April 11 from 5-7 p.m.