TB tests at Stratford should be back next week

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- Nearly all of the people marked for Tuberculosis testing at Stratford High School got the test Friday, officials said. Now they have to wait until next week the results of those tests.{}

Berkeley County Schools representatives said Friday afternoon that about 170 people were tested Friday morning at the school. Officials said earlier in the week that 176 people were marked for the blood test.{}

Now that the tests have been administered, the state Department of Health and Environmental Control will send the tests to an analyst. As the tests are completed, school officials said the people will be notified of their results, which is expected to be Monday or Tuesday.

DHEC will return to the school on Tuesday to test anyone who was not there for Friday's test or whose test was deemed inconclusive.

District officials said DHEC will handle informing each person of the results of their test. The school district will not be told the outcome of the tests for each person due to privacy laws.{}

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