Teacher on leave after 'Jackass' incident says 'I didn't mean any harm'

Christopher Poston (WCIV)

By Valencia

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Christopher Poston walked in the Charleston County School District offices Thursday to drop off an appeal. When asked how he felt, he became emotional while trying to respond.

"I just want to apologize to Mr. Wagner's class and everybody that thought I harmed anybody. I didn't mean any harm." Poston said.

Poston was put on administrative leave after officials say he showed a two-minute clip of the movie Jackass 2 to a classroom of students at Wando High School. He was substituting for Arnold Wagner's Latin class. A student in the class told her parents, and they contacted the school. The child has reportedly been bullied for her actions.

"The young lady who reported it, I think she did the right thing," Poston said. "I think it was very admirable what she did, and she does not need to be persecuted for anything that she said on my mistake," Poston said.

Poston says he had no idea the movie was sexually explicit. He admits his mistake and wants to get back into the classroom.

"It's been a struggle. My family stuck by me, and I appreciate that very much," Poston said. "It's rough. I miss the kids. I know they miss me. It's very humbling what they've said about me but, it doesn't take away the wrong I did. It was inexcusable, and I just want to be able to teach. That's all I want to do."

Wando students started an online petition in support of Poston. The petition has more than 2,000 signatures. Many comments refer to Poston as a great teacher.

"We hope that they weigh the contributions of this teacher versus this unfortunate error. This is a guy that needs to be put back in the schools," said Jay Masty, Poston's attorney.

Poston was put on paid administrative leave with a recommendation of termination. Poston and his attorney have submitted the appeal in hopes that he can get back into the classroom.

"All he cares about is teaching. That's all he wants to do, and where ever that calling is, it doesn't have to be Wando High School. He has experience in other schools, but he wants to teach," Masty said.

In short, Poston's attorney believes, "the punishment far exceeds the crime."

Masty hopes for a lengthy hearing where they can present witnesses, including students.

No date has been set for Poston's hearing.