Teacher remembers murdered soldier

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The memory of 20-year old Tevin Gieke is one of honor and integrity at Stall High School.

"He touched most people's lives in a way that he almost accidentally did so, just by being himself," said Lonnie Ford, JROTC instructor at Stall High School. "Just his presence alone."

Lonnie Ford was Gieke's instructor for three years. Ford says Geike quickly moved through the ranks at school, so he could take on the full dress of duty for his country.

"Three years in a program that most kids turned their noses up at," said Ford. "Three years in a program most kids turn their back on. But, he did so and then he graduated early and went directly into the army to wear the uniform again."

Saturday, Police say Gieke and two friends were walking along Pacific Highway in Lakewood, Washington -- when they exchanged words with a group of five men in a car. That's when witnesses say one man jumped out of the car and stabbed Gieke.

"I don't know the details of that but, I understand that he would take on a challenge," said Ford. "He would never step away from a challenge. He fought for his country and he fought for our right."

Friends say on the night of his murder, Gieke was taking a walk after leaving a party. They say he was celebrating being discharged after 35 months of service.

"We applaud him for what he's done," said Ford.{}