Teen driver hits crossing guard; Parents fear children next

By Eric

LADSON, SC (WCIV) -- A car driven by a teenage girl collided with a crossing guard Wednesday in Berkeley County. MUSC officials confirm the 35-year-old woman is in critical condition.{} The crash has further fueled a fight for a stoplight near the school.

The crosswalk on Schoolhouse Road is where investigators say a 16-year-old driver collided with the guard. It happened Wednesday morning just outside Sangaree Intermediate School. The impact sent the crossing guard to the hospital. It's just the latest reason why parents say something must be done about the intersection.

Many like Marie Fisher say their children's safety is at risk.

"We have had multiple car accidents in that area. Today, we had a crossing guard that was hit," Fisher said.

Others, like Sheryl Aldrich, no longer let their kids walk to school.

"Cars fly through without regards to the school speed zone," said Aldrich.

For the community surrounding Sangaree Intermediate, it's nothing new. But with Wednesday's accident, they saw happen, what many have feared. They say the intersection at Royale Road and Schoolhouse is growing more congested by the day, and drivers are making it worse.

"Many times, several times a week I see cars going through when the crossing guard has the stop sign up," Aldrich said. "A traffic light would definitely help."

Aldrich is one of several parents who've asked school administrators to install a stoplight.

According to parents, the Department of Transportation studied the area but found a light isn't necessary.

"I'm not quite sure how long the study was for, or what they used or what time of day, because they said there was not enough traffic to warrant a light," Fisher said.

Parents protest because on a daily basis they see something different.

"These kids are never going to get to school, because everybody's so worried about themselves they forget to let other people by," Fisher said. "If the light was out here, the crossing guard of course could assist the light with walking the children."

The young driver now faces charges for disobeying a school guard while directing traffic.

DOT could not confirm with ABC News 4 if a study was conducted, and the department has not said why there's no light at the intersection.