Teen on recovery path 7 months after hit and run

Dottie Jackson

By Eric

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Hospitalized after a devastating hit and run, a 15-year-old Summerville girl was one of four children seriously injured last August. She continues her recovery twice a week in therapy, and still has to miss school to do so.

"I fractured my skull, my jaw, the bone here in my nose, my brow bone, all the bones that house my ear canal," said Dottie Jackson.

Jackson's injuries don't end there. After the accident last August, she was in a hospital bed also suffering from a broken collarbone, ribs and fractured pelvis. More than seven months later, she's now up on her feet rehabilitating at Summerville Medical Center.

She still has no memory of the crash that also hurt her brother and sister, and their friend. But the impact it made will last a lifetime.

"I learned that we're not promised tomorrow, to be careful and not take everything for granted," Jackson said.

Her elbow was so severely broken she's had surgery on it and may require another to rebuild it. It's what she spends most of her time on in physical therapy.

Jackson said she's seen the man police say hit her with his mother's car and then drove away. She admitted it's hard not to have feelings of anger toward him.

"The fact he can do that and not even care," she said. "Then (to listen to) the things that he said, honestly then it made me mad."

The sessions keep Jackson out of school two days a week. It's put her behind in her school work, though she said she's thankful she's returned to her classmates. Her first days back at school she could only walk with a cane.

It's now much different, but her recovery isn't complete.

"I can't touch my shoulder, my finger is still broken but I've learned to use it," she said. "I've learned how to write with it and stuff like that," said Dottie.

Philip Wucherer was charged in the hit and run. He's faced with three counts of leaving the scene of a collision involving great bodily injury, and one count of leaving the scene of a collision involving personal injury.

He's in jail, in Berkeley County, awaiting sentencing.