'The Big Latch On' promotes community support for breastfeeding

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - La Leche League of Charleston gathered Saturday morning{}to promote breastfeeding in the Lowcountry and try to break the world record for most women breastfeeding at one time.

La Leche League chapters across the country are participating in 'The Big Latch On' event Friday and Saturday to set a new world record.{} Women breast fed for one minute and witnesses counted the women to contribute their chapter's participation to the overall total.

While they are striving for a world record, the goal is to grow community support for breastfeeding.

"I think there's quite a lot of people that are doing it, but I don't think society makes it an unwelcome thing," said Charleston participant Carissa Nicol.{}"Mothers are encouraged to cover up and stay away and no one really wants to see it. It's fine as long as people don't see it, but we want to make it normal," she continued.{}"That this is what the body is designed to do and woman should feel comfortable doing it."

Around 35 women participated in Saturday's event in Charleston. It is uncertain whether or not they broke the world record, but La Leche League members hope they at least break last year's total.