Citadel president admits mishandling of 2007 ReVille case

Rosa described the alleged acts by ReVille as disgusting at a packed press conference on Monday afternoon. (Brian Troutman/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- "Like so many in the Lowcountry we are sad to say someone so close to us has betrayed our trust," said Citadel President Lt. Gen John W. Rosa.

At 4 p.m. on Monday, Rosa held a news conference at The Citadel to talk to the media about allegations against Louis "Skip" ReVille. The press conference followed an emergency board meeting held earlier in the day.

ReVille is being charged with molesting five teenage boys, and is expected to face six more charges from Hanahan police.

Thirty minutes prior, attorney Mullins McLeod spoke to the media about the case.{} McLeod represents a Citadel camper who claims he was sexually abused by ReVille in 2002.

"The victim and his family came forward in 2007 and met with The Citadel and their attorney to give a detailed 169-page statement. The victim and his family asked The Citadel for one thing: stop Skip ReVille from molesting any more children," McLeod said.

McLeod said had The Citadel followed through on the request, ReVille may have been stopped.

"The family I represent is distraught," McLeod said. "They believed The Citadel would report this to law enforcement."

During The Citadel's news conference, Rosa said that he was saddened and disgusted by the events.

"At the time, we took what we thought were the necessary steps. Now, we know we didn't," Lt. Gen. Rosa said.

Rosa says in 2007 ReVille strongly denied allegations, and admits that The Citadel should have proceeded further. He said the initial call/complaint came into his office.

"We interviewed other camp staff which were very complimentary of ReVille, who graduated from The Citadel in May," Rosa said. "When the family did not pursue the matter, we did not either. We should have."

In 2007, The Citadel was not bound to the statute requiring them to report molestation incidents to police. The Citadel said the family wanted to maintain privacy.{}Information has now been shared with the Charleston Police Department.

Lt. Gen. Rosa says to the victims of ReVille: "I'd say that we are profoundly sorry...we acted on what we thought was our best information."

The Citadel has now hired the risk management firm Guidepost Solutions. Lt. Gen. Rosa said the New York-based company will review the procedures the college followed and recommend how administration should manage the situation as the college move forward.


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