Citadel President: Board of Visitors will discuss independent investigation next week

Lt. Rosa (File photo/WCIV)

By Natalie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The Citadel's Board of Visitors will begin discussions next week about an independent review into how school leaders handled child sex abuse allegations made against a former employee. This is{}according to the school's president Lieutenant General John Rosa.

Lt. Gen. Rosa said Monday the Board of Visitors would discuss the matter next Wednesday during their monthly teleconference meeting. He says the school's leaders were told to wait for State Law Enforcement Division's (SLED) investigations to be completed before they began their own probe.

In November following Louis 'Skip' ReVille's arrest for child sexual molestation, Rosa held a press conference where he announced the school would hire Guide Post Solutions to review how the school handled the case. School officials say they never reported the allegations made by a summer camper in 2007 of sex abuse allegations against ReVille, a former camp counselor, to law enforcement. School leaders claim they lost touch with the victim's family. In April, SLED cleared The Citadel of any wrong doing for failing to report the incident.

"We started to go with a company in New York," Gen. Rosa said. "We found we had an alum that was associated with that company so we didn't want any questions, so as a state agency, we went to the attorney general. The attorney general asked us to wait until the SLED investigation was complete."

Rosa says SLED's second investigation looked into ReVille and the victims at The Citadel. SLED spokeswoman Kathryn Richardson says that investigation was closed Monday. With both investigations complete, Rosa says school leaders are now free to move forward with the independent review.

"What I hope it accomplishes isto get to the bottom of this," Lt. Gen. Rosa said. "There's so many facts. There's so many mis-facts. The Citadel family, the Lowcountry, the state of South Carolina deserve to know exactly how The Citadel handled this case and that's what I want this investigation to do."

Darkness to Light Director of Programs Cindy McElhinney says she applauds The Citadel for moving in the direction of an independent review.

"I think certainly an independent review of the facts and the background can only help us understand the extent of what actually happened and who knew what," McElhinney said. "Accountability and policy changes have to be the end result."

Lt. Gen. Rosa says he has{}already made some policy revisions, but they are not the complete changes yet. He says those will be contingent upon the independent review and investigation, as well as who will be held accountable.

"We should all be held accountable, all of us, for what we did right, and we made mistakes. There's somebody who needs to be held accountable and our board will decide that and that's what will come out of this independent review," Lt. Gen. Rosa said.