Spectators lined streets for 2012 bridge run

Calhoun and King streets (Natalie Caula/WCIV)

By Natalie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- While about 43,000 racers huffed and puffed their way over the Cooper River Bridge for this year's race, hundreds also sat relatively comfortably along downtown streets like King.

Some had chairs and even tables set up to cheer on friends and family as they made their way toward the finish line.

The Feltis family donned matching, neon green shirts that read "North and South: We demand satisfaction."

"Our kids came up with it," Linda Feltis said.

They traveled to Charleston from North Carolina and were joined by John Cortezi of New Jersey and Marg and Doug Jagges of Ontario. All of them had family running in the race, and they've made it a tradition to come and watch.

"It's an annual event," Gill Feltis said.

For others, like Corrine Palmer, it was their first time watching the Holy City flooded by runners. Palmer says she's visited Charleston four times since her son, a Boeing employee, moved to Charleston from Washington to head up the company's delivery center two years ago.

"I come to watch my son and his wife in the race and see Charleston," she said. "As an outsider, it's nice to see everyone utilize that bridge."

Hundreds of people lined the sidewalks and applauded as runners approached King and Calhoun streets while music from the stage in Marion Square blared in the background.

It's a sight to see thousands of people pounding the pavement in a seemingly never-ending sea of runners. As the annual race continues to grow, visitors, even those not participating in the run say they'll keep coming back to watch the show.

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