The Hideaway Pizza Kitchen expanded and re-modeled

By Gregory Woods

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) -- When local James Island resident Tim Cliff purchased Cibo's Pizza, the neighborhood pizza joint, in 2012, the purchase came with its fair share of challenges to get it back up to par.

"The building needed a fresh coat of paint, paint on the roof, we had to re-arrange the kitchen, and the menu was 10 years old," said Cliff.

"It used to be a nice restaurant," said Neil Rohricht, the Executive Chef. "But it kind of started to go downhill and got a little away from the previous owner"

The pizza parlor had been in the Fort Johnson area of James Island for years, and Cliff thought it should stay there: so he purchased the restaurant. Cliff put together a plan to expand and revitalize the building, the menu, and rename the restaurant The Hideaway Pizza Kitchen.

His plans came to fruition three weeks ago, and already he's attracting new customers.

"Well, we started a job down the street about four months ago," said Andrew Gibbs, a new customer. "I saw the sign on my lunch break one day and said I wanted to try it out. I wanted spaghetti, they had it, and I loved it."

Lynda Creek was a regular before all the changes, but says she notices the improvements especially with customer service.

"Our waitress is very friendly, and she remembers us. Every time I say the same she knows exactly what that is," Creek said.

It's two slices of pizza, a salad and a Diet Coke.

"I like the fact that she has a database in her head and can remember us," Creek said.

It's happy customers like Creek that lets the owner know he is on the right track.

"This has been a terrific place to come for soccer teams and clubs, we have noticed it in this short period of time," Cliff said. "It's being utilized exactly the way we thought it would be."