The introduction

Environmentally Challenged: By Brian Troutman

The blog began in April of 2010 while I was employed with The Times and Democrat in Orangeburg, South Carolina. A year ago, when I began writing about composting and recycled tin foil, I had no idea the blog would have elicited such a global response.

Today, nearly six months after ending the blog and leaving The Times and Democrat, I find I can no longer keep hungry readers at bay. Letters I have received from school teachers, China to Sweden, confirm the value of such a blog.

So, here's what you can expect:

At least once a week, I will share facts, often supplemented with my personal opinion, on an issue considered "environmental."

While you as a reader may not always agree, I will always be willing to hear feedback and/or criticism.

It is important for you to note, that I am not an expert on environmental issues. In fact, in many cases, I am "environmentally challenged." But, I promise that as I learn, I will do my best to educate everyone else on the latest of green living, environmental awareness and common sense conservation.