The latest for food junkies at the Family Circle Cup

By Gregory Woods

DANIEL ISLAND, S. C. (WCIV) -- Every great sporting event always brings in its fair share of tourists who travel to see their player play the game they love and the Family Circle Cup is no different.

But big crowds, also brings big appetites and this year's Circle Cup food selection is bigger and better.

"We're really excited about the dining options that we have on-site this year," said Kathy Lipsky, Food and Beverage Manager for the Family Circle Cup. "Whether you're looking for a light wrap or shrimp and grits, we have something for everyone."

From the healthy choices like Verde and Jamba Juice, or the annual favorites T&T Ketel Korn, or the new food trucks parked along the stadium, food is just as important to some sports enthusiasts as the game.

"I have to have food," said Megan Holston, who attended the game. "It's a part of the experience."

And vendors like Thomas Dowling, owner of Daniel Island Grille, makes sure the food experience is not a let down.

"This is a great tournament with great attendees," said Dowling. "Our regulars continue to find us here and we enjoy meeting new people every year."

Dowling says their food is an annual hit at the tournament.

"We're going into our fourth{}year participating and our sales continue to grow every year," said Dowling.

The last day of the tournament is Sunday, plenty of time food-lovers to sample this years favorites at the Family Circle Cup.

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