Folly family being sent to Disney by radio DJ's nonprofit

By Gregory Woods

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) -- Every year a nationally syndicated radio DJ sponsors 13 families of children with chronic or terminal illnesses from all over the country and sends them on a Disney adventure.

This year, a Folly Beach family was among the families selected for the adventure.

For the McManus family, life isn't always easy for their 8-year-old son, Conor.

"He has a tumor condition that grows along his nerves," said Miranda Mcmanus, Conor's mother. "He started having surgery where they went into his skull at just a few months old."

It's stories like Conor's that inspired Bert Weiss and his wife to start a nonprofit called Bert's Big Adventure. They sponsor an all-expense paid trip for 13 families each year.

"We take children who have chronic and terminal illnesses down to Disney world for five days," said Bert Weiss.

The McManus family thought they were meeting with Weiss and his wife to fill out paperwork to become a finalist in the selection process, but as they approached the Surf Bar in Folly Beach they soon realized they were one of the winners.

"I heard somebody say is everybody ready, and then I saw things flying and pretty quickly I realized this wasn't a meeting to notarize something," said McManus.

The family is the first in Charleston to win the trip; and in February they will leave their trouble behind.

Bert's Big Adventure is sending them on a private plane to Disney world, and Conor already has his trip planned out.

"I am going to ride most of the rides and eat lots of candy," said Conor Mcmanus.

It's an experience that would put a smile on any child's face especially when shared with 13 other families.

"As a mom, I am happy when my kids are happy and I think it's good for my kids to see some other families that have similar challenges," said Miranda McManus.

One of the biggest challenges ahead will be the wait, until Conor finally gets to meet Mickey.

Weiss is host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Bert Show. It airs each weekday morning on 95SX.

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