Ron Paul says the revolution will continue despite loss in SC

By Nikki

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCIV)-- Saturday night, Texas lawmaker Ron Paul finished fourth place in South Carolina's GOP primary with only 13 percent of the vote but the 76 year-old GOP Candidate is still fighting.

His campaign held a watch party at Jillian's in downtown Columbia on Gervais Street. His supporters packed the restaurantmany with a sense of humor about the loss.

One Paul supporter paraded a sign around poking fun at Newt Gingrich, the winner of the state's primary. The sign read, 'My first three wives support Ron Paul.'

As he took the stage, Paul received a standing ovation. The congressman stated that even after Saturday's dismal results, he vows to continue his message of creating a limited government."We will continue to do this," Paul told the crowd of supporters "The message of liberty is being received by more and more people everyday."He continues to call for limited government and paying more attention to domestic policies."Efforts by the government are failing," he said. "The country depends on the government to police the world, at home should be the focus."

"We should spend all of our resources here at home. That's a good place to spend money. That's why I've strong emphasized the amount of money we spend overseas. At the same time we have people suffering here at home," stated Paul.

Paul says he's not bowing at of the race just yet. Since he ran in the last presidential election in 2008, he's received four times the amount of vote this go around. He says his momentum will continue.

"We have the message. We have the talent. We have the determination, and we will win this battle for peace and prosperity," stated Paul. He said the next step is to go to the other caucus states and try to get more delegates.

Paul says he does plan to participate in the next CNN debate scheduled for Florida on January 26.

The AP contributed to this report.