The show must go on: Fire doesn't burn Charleston Youth Company's spring show

By Stacy Jacobsonsjacobson@abcnews4.comCHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Beth Hyams is in her element when she's at her sewing machine, not thinking about anything else except the soft pitter patter of her needle and thread."I like the creative process of it," she said.She depends on the rhythm as much as her 75 kids depend on her."Miss Beth is such an asset to the company," said January Little, a high school senior who's been in the Charleston Youth Company for three years."I've never been more thankful for her. I think she made the show even more spectacular,"{} Sophie Ferguson, 17, said.Hyams, or "Miss Beth" as she's known to everyone, is the costume designer for the Charleston Youth Company."They are like my kids. I worry about them," she said.But in March, they were worrying about her."I got the call on my way back to the high school," she said. "Everything was going down. [My husband] said, 'The house is on fire.'"She said the fire started in her special room in the house."The table where I did all my crafts. I had bookshelves with all my books on it. My cub scout brochures, all my books and things that went with that. Sunday school lessons; those were gone," she said.There are some things you can't replace. But on this day, Miss Beth lost the things she had to replace."I had all the costumes in it," she said.When her Charleston Youth Company family heard about the tragedy, they sprang in to action."I had a lot of donations: sewing machines, people came left and right. They left them at the warehouse," she said."They did a sewing day where a parent and volunteers came out and helped us replenish the costumes," Little said. "We make sure that one of ours is well protected and safe."All together, they re-made every costume, including Little's. In the show, he plays a superhero. And the power of the costume makes him think of Beth."It's like her love is always with me," he said."They're great people, great kids. I don't know what I'd do without them. It makes me want to do everything I can for them too. You do what you can," Hyams said as tears poured from her eyes.She did what she could, and gave them the costumes of their dreams. The thread that sews this theater family in to an unbreakable bond is love.