'The Trust" is Norb Vonnegut's 3rd novel

Kurt Vonnegut's three financial thrillers (provided)

By: Amy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Norb Vonnegut (cousin of the late great author Kurt Vonnegut) is a native of Charleston. He attended Cathedral and Bishop England. His family still resides in the area.

After years of experience on Wall Street, Vonnegut now writes the thrillers with financial twists and turns. His third and most recent book is "The Trust."

"I think that it tells an important story, that if you have money you need to watch it yourself," Vonnegut said on Lowcountry Live. "I'm tying to take readers into a really hellacious experience."

Vonnegut describes "The Trust," as an examination of how criminals hide behind the First Amendment. It is about someone who infiltrates a family's finances. The book's settings include both Charleston and New York City.

"The corner of East Bay and Broad, that's the location of the (fictitious) Palmetto Foundation."

Vonnegut is also the author of "The Gods of Greenwich" and "Top Producer."