The U.S.S. Yorktown remembers Pearl Harbor

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The bell rang for each of the South Carolina service members who died at Pearl Harbor.

"They was caught in this sneak attack a lot of our Navy men died and a lot of civilians too that they didn't even mention about," said World War II Veteran Henry Bozard.

Bozard came to the Yorktown on the 71st anniversary of the violent attack by the Japanese, launching Americans into the second world war.

"It made everybody in this country real mad, even a young fellow like me, from that sneak attack," says Bozard.

Two survivors, David Morris Jr. of John's Island and Edward Crews of Georgetown, tossed the first wreath of the ceremony overboard.

Crews, now 95, said he's lived a blessed life and remembers the chaos of that fateful day.{}

"As much as it was then because everything was so confusing, but it's a day in your life," said Crews.

Many came in support of the heroes who have already passed, including Caroline Sparks, whose father survived Pearl Harbor.{}

When asked why Sparks continued trying to attend all of the commemorations every Dec. 7, he said it was because of all those who didn't come back. He felt he had to spend his life honoring them.