Museum holds history of more than 780 families

By Gregory Woods

MCCLELLANVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- To many visitors, the Village Museum in McClellansville is a place of beautiful artifacts that showcase the town's history.{}

But to long-time residents, like the McClellan family, it's a collection of family history.{}

"After Hugo hit, [the museum] was a place to store things, and he kept the records and photos for everyone there," said Julie McClellan, a descendant of the family the town is named after.

Known to the locals as Mr. Budshill, the museum's director, Selden Hill, has made it his life{} mission to find the family treasures lost during Hurricane Hugo.

Now, Hill holds the genealogy of more than 780 families in town, including that of the McClellan family.

"The town was founded on two adjacent plantations. One side of town was owned by the Morrison family and the other 490 acres of town was owned by the McClellan family," he said, flipping through pictures of the family.

The street that divided the two plantations is now called as Oak Street.

The Morrisons and McClellans aren't the only families he tracked down to add to his collection.

Hill has collected more than 3,000 pictures and 80,000 names of community members since the museum opened 14 years ago.

"We started working on the big families and now we are working on every name we can find," he said. "Over the next 10 to 20 years we are going to have one of the best genealogical collections in the state I believe."