Family denies gang connection to 3rd man charged in triple murder

By Valencia

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Police have arrested a third man in connection to the triple murder that happened in the parking lot of Cycle Gear bike shop on Dorchester Road in North Charleston.

Police have charged 49-year old Derryl Gadson with second-degree assault and battery by a mob.

"This is not of my husband," said Theresa Gadson, the suspect's wife. "Just seems that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Police say Gadson was one of four people who kicked, punched and struck an unnamed victim with a paddle stick until the victim were unconscious.

"Derryl has never, ever been in any trouble," said Beverly Gadson-Burch, the suspect's sister.

Court documents say Gadson was a member of Wheels of Soul, a motorcycle gang. However, family members say Gadson had no affiliation with the group.

"He does belong to a motorcycle club called the Band of Bruthaz. They are a very community oriented group. They are not--" Gadson's sister told a bond court judge Tuesday.

"I thought it was Wheels of Soul," the judge told her.

"No. He has no connection. They're just like buddy clubs or something. But, he's not in Wheels of Soul," Gadson-Burch said.

Gadson-Burch said the organization was founded by Derryl Gadson and his twin brother. She went on to say her brother was an upstanding citizen who has worked the same job for the last 19 years. {}

"They helped raise money for scholarships. They worked with Habitat for Humanity putting on roofs and things like that. They are not bad. Their club is not bad in any shape," she said.

Gadson was given a $500,000 bond.{}

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