Thomas Ravenel to file signatures Monday

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCIV) -- Former state treasurer and current local reality show celebrity Thomas Ravenel says he will file signatures Monday with the state elections office.

According to a release from Ravenel, he plans to meet with the media Monday morning after talking to Election Commission officials.

Ravenel said last week he was planning to run against longtime Sen. Lindsey Graham and was setting out to gather the required signatures to run as an independent.

Ravenel wants to reduce the size of government and give people more personal freedom. He says the U.S. needs a better foreign policy.

Ravenel says he knows the 10 months he served in prison after pleading guilty to buying cocaine for himself and friends in 2007 makes him an imperfect messenger, but he says he has the right ideas to save the country.

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