Thousands at PGA equals tons of trash, recycling

By Sonya

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- What happens to all the waste during the PGA Championship?

Napkins, banana peels and more are being left behind by golf fans watching the PGA. Some things like cans and bottles can be recycled.

"The goal of the PGA obviously is to reduce their carbon footprint like everyone else in going green," said Robert Runco, president of Runco Event Services. "And so what we do is we take the trash and denote the colors of the bags. Once we get to the dumpsters, it's denoted in such a way that trash goes with trash and recycling goes with recycling."

There are typically 40 people working trash duty on the course at any particular time.

"We break down the course into six different areas and in those areas we provide a leader and support staff to basically address the situation or concerns of the course as needed,' said Runco.

The trucks come in at night, so the dumpsters will be empty for the next day. The recycling then goes to a transfer facility.

"We note all the tonnages, we know exactly how many poles are being down out of here, exactly how much tonnage is being pulled out of here and we break down how much is going to landfill and how much is recycled," said Runco.

Some of the recycled material is translated into money for select local charities.