Threats on Facebook investigated by school, police

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- Rumors on social media sites are being investigated by Goose Creek police but school officials say they are not going to let rumors close Stratford High School.Officials with the Berkeley County School District say they knew about the rumors that popped up on Facebook about a fight at Stratford and confirm that there were even rumors of a gun being involved.The claims were investigated both internally by the school and by Goose Creek PD. The Facebook post turned out to be simply a rumor and officials with the district say at no time was any child in danger.Officials say Goose Creek police officers were on campus Thursday morning to provided extra security and piece of mind. The school will operate as normal.The rumors started when a student was overheard making threats and another student reported the threat to parents who then called the school. The school began the investigation immediately.Two students have been charged by Goose Creek police, and we are waiting to hear what those charges are. The students have also been suspended from school.

Again, the rumors were fully investigated and were found to be an empty threat.