Congregations disappointed that church break-ins continue

By Ava

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) Congregations in Georgetown County may think twice about leaving money inside their churches after a series of break-ins off of Georgetown Highway.

Shattered glass is still on the ground outside Andrews Holiness Pentecostal Church in Georgetown County. The thieves stole from the heart and soul of the church, its children.

"The children's money that they have for activities that we do on the side for them, it's their money that they put in, we all put in, that money was taken and you know, it's kind of sad that they were taking children's money," said Dottie McClellan, the church's secretary.

She says their church was one of three churches to be broken into sometime between Nov. 7-10.

McClellan says $400 was taken. Then to add insult to injury, she said the church was broken into a second time a week later. She says all that was taken in the second crime was a single dollar from the collection plate.

"There's no one there who is angry, you know. We're upset that somebody would even think of doing this to God's house and take God's money. But there is no anger or bitterness as far as I can tell," said McClellan.

Just down the road is Grace Temple. Gerald Mercer said his church was broken into around the same time.

"They just came in busted out a window, kicked in a door; actually, the door was behind the refrigerator that's why they couldn't get it open. They thought it was the office. Other than that, it was about it," said Mercer.

Mercer says they didn't get any money, but Six Mile Crossing Church of God just down the street from Mercer's church wasn't as lucky. According to the reports filed with the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office, around the same time someone broke a rear window in the fellowship hall, then kicked in a door in the secretary's office and made off with $600.

The church pastor says the money taken belonged to the children's ministry and the general fund.

Deputies have not made any arrests.

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