Three men vying for Berkeley County Supervisor

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) --- Berkeley County voters will elect on Tuesday a county supervisor for the next four years. Three men are vying for the position.

Jerry Beckley is the Assistant Vice President of Information Technology for Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union. William Peagler is an attorney and the current mayor of Moncks Corner.

And Dan Davis is the current county supervisor.

Beckley was born and raised in the Lowcountry and married his college sweetheart. He says tax research motivated him to run.

"Like a lot of people in Berkeley County, I was getting a little frustrated about where my money was going," said Beckley while sitting on a bench in Crowfield Plantation.

This is his first time running for office, but Beckley says he has 15 years of experience in state and local government.

"Berkeley County has the highest unemployment rate of three counties," said Beckley. "We have a sheriff's department that's under-funded. We have an under-funded EMS. We have a jail that's been two-thirds empty for years. We have no industrial development in Berkeley County."

Beckley says if elected, he will focus on spending accountability and funding for public safety.

Dan Davis has served as Berkeley County supervisor for the last two terms.

"We've started some things that I'd like to finish or at least advance," said Davis.

Davis was born in Sumter, and moved to the Lowcountry as city manager of Hanahan before going into business for himself and eventually running for office.

"Probably the key parts of my job are economic development, infrastructure and finances. And, I think we've done a yeoman's job with our county finances considering the recession," Davis said.

Davis says in his tenure he has helped combat the unemployment rate in the county.

"Just in the last 6 months we've added 2,325 new jobs with Benefit Focus and the Palmetto Physicians' Healthcare Operation," he said.

If re-elected, Davis says he will focus on the penny sales tax.

This would not be the first political run for Peagler. He served on city council for 10 years and as mayor for the same amount of time.

"Since I have been mayor, there have been no tax increases," said Peagler. "But, we've managed to do all these other things. That's because we've worked together, we've cut costs."

Peagler says he was born in the Berkeley County hospital when it existed, and notes himself as a team builder.

"I find that if we can get departments to work together realizing that the goal is Berkeley County and that's our priority, then maybe we can work more efficiently. We can save money," he said.

If elected, Peagler says his first order of business would be to work out any differences among county council members.

"We also have to look at the salaries that are paid to the employees," said Peagler. "Employees haven't had any raises really in several years now. In fact, the last time they had a raise it was a 3 percent raise in which the county took back 3.5 percent in their insurance."

No Democrats are running in this election.

Whoever wins the primary election on June 10 will run unopposed with a write-in option.